Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez is
Pandering to the Corporate Whores of the Storage Industry
By David Goldner

        Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez must be getting large contributions from the Self Storage Industry since she is so willing to destroy her California constituent’s lives with her thoughtless, reckless, despicable, unconscionable, unethical and out right immoral plan, CaliforniaAB-983, that gives multi-billion dollar International Criminally Minded Corporations like Public Storage, Inc., the Scofflaw Corporate Whores of the storage industry, even more power than they already have to illegally plunder and destroy the lives of their California customers.  And yes, Melissa, one of their crime victims and X-customers would be me, David Goldner!  (

        The Melendez bill, CaliforniaAB-983, is a blatant ‘Trojan Horse’ claiming to permit “email notice” to their customers, which is great and SSSFA very well should allow email notices.  But Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez should not be unethically violating the trust of her own California constituents, the individual people that she and all others in our legal system should be standing up for, by giving Self Serving Criminal Corporations in the storage industry who Wrongfully and Illegally destroy their customers lives on a daily basis by Illegally doing exactly what she wants CaliforniaAB-983 to now shamefully make legal for them to do, which is, other than email notices, sneaking in a Denial of Access clause, a “No Matter What” Exculpatory Provision, and a meager and totally unrealistic and unacceptable $5,000 compensation cap for the industries never ending and unjustified parade of Wrongful Lien Sales and Wrongful Auctions, just like the one they wrongfully inflicted on me personally last year.

        Melissa, I had one computer that I had literally just build myself for a 3D animation project I was doing, that was worth more than $5000 alone!  And that was just one of three computers I had that Public Storage Illegally stole from my storage space before Illegally Auctioning off my entire Live / Work Photography Studio and 40 plus years of my life including all my photography and lighting equipment, all my clients files and well over a million images, negatives, transparencies and digital images I had created for clients and for myself over the 40 plus years span of my career.  All my original photography and original painted art is now gone, including all my portfolios that represented my entire career!!!  40 plus years of my life as an artist  has been destroyed, Wrongfully and Illegally gone from Public Storage’s routine and Illegally Fraudulent Conversions, including all my family air looms, my Personal Identity Documents, and everything I cherished from my entire life and career, and all for a little more than one month’s rent!  And now you want to make their totally Illegal and Predatory Policies legal, so they can violate your constituents even more freely then they do now illegally?  Mellissa, are you kidding me??  Have you no shame?   Have you no conscience?  Have you no forethought of what your actions will actually do?   But I digress...

        So you actually think blatant Corporate Thieves like Public Storage should be awarded for what they have been doing illegally to their customers in California, your constituents?  And they should only be accountable for is $5000 when their current Scofflaw Policies are blatantly, Willfully and Maliciously Destroying your own constituents lives on a daily basis?  That’s the industry you are so blatantly pandering to, Melissa?  Ronald L. Havner, Public Storage Inc’s CEO is a Self Serving Conscienceless Corporate Thief.  Public Storage is a blatant criminal organization who are getting sued all over America for the illegal, violating policies that you are trying to make legal for them to do.  That is outrageously despicable of you, Melissa!  And in my opinion, by doing so, makes you just as guilty as they are!  These are Scofflaw Corporate Thieves that Willfully and Maliciously and totally Illegally, Conspired to Defraud and Violate me personally with their illegal contract and in doing so wrongfully destroyed my business, my career, my life!  And they did it with an illegal contract that you now want to make legal for them so they don’t have to change their criminal policies and can just go on and destroy their customers lives with your blessings and legal backing.  That is just disgusting and despicable!  Have you no conscience, Melissa?  Have you no shame, Assemblywoman Melendez?

        Melissa, all you have to do is Google “Public Storage Lawsuits”, just one company out of many that follow their lead and use the same illegal contract, to know how many class actions and individual lawsuits are being filed all over the country against these companies, let alone in California where they are screwing your constituents!  And they do this on a daily basis as a mechanical routine to all their California customers, literally defrauding people like me with a blatantly illegal contract that you want to make legal.  And again, they have conspired to Defraud their customers with the willful use of an illegal contract, totally in violation of SSSFA for years now.  Yet you personally have done nothing about protecting your own constituents from a sleazy corporation that uses a blatantly predatory contract, that right now is actually void under Civ. Code 1441.  This is an illegal contract that you now want to make legal for them to use with your thoughtless Bill!  Let me ask you why?  Why are you helping the thieving scofflaw corporations and not helping their victims, your constituents?  Why are you, Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, trying to help these Self Serving Billion Dollar Corporations like Public Storage Inc., make all their wrongful illegal auctions that they inflict on their California customers on a perpetual basis, legal and easier for them to do!  Why??  Again, have you no shame, Assemblywoman Melendez!?

        Melissa, are you doing this for the storage industry out of the goodness in your heart?  Why don’t you tell the people of California how much the storage industry is “donating to your political career” in order to get this disgustingly violating bill passed?  Have you actually ever read Public Storage's current form contract yourself and then actually read the current law under SSSFA?  Quite a discrepancy!  The repugnant and unlawful provisions that Public Storage has so recklessly authored in their own form Contracts, Blatantly Violates SSSFA, the Governing Laws for the California Storage Industry, the very laws you should be helping to uphold!!  But instead you are Aiding and Abetting Public Storage’s blatant criminal violations and actually trying to make their crimes legal!  That’s disgusting and despicable!  Their own contract is currently predatory, impossibly non sequitur, unlawful and unenforceable and Void ab initio under Civ. Code 1441.  But you want to change all that and make what they are doing legal.  Can I ask you if you plan to run for office again?

        You are pandering to the wrong side, Melissa!  Public Storage are the Scofflaw Corporate Whores of the Storage industry who have been perpetually using a totally illegal form contract in California that blatantly violates SSSFA, and they have been conspiring to defraud all their California customers for years now on a daily basis.  These criminally minded scumbags are NOT who you should be defending and pandering to, Melissa!!  What you are so dishonorably trying to do is take what they and many in the storage industry unethically and illegally do to their customers on a daily basis and make it legal!  That is disgusting and contemptible and in my opinion makes you just as guilty as the Sleazy Corporate Thieves you are blatantly prostituting your office to!  Have you no compassion for the victims your bill would be creating, Melissa?  Your own California constituents?

        Why is it always republicans that side with corporations and don’t give a damn about the actual people you are violating with your pandering and lack of any forethought?  You politicians cuddle the corporations that feed your wallets without any ethical consideration of the consequences.  How much money has the storage industry paid you to legalize their reckless malicious and blatantly criminal business practices?  Why don’t you tell the people of California how much the storage industry is “contributing” to you and your political career? Because they illegally destroyed my career!  It’s thoughtless politicians, yes, just like you Melissa, that seems to be okay with stepping on the little guy while you give Sleazy Self Serving Corporations like Public Storage the legal right to do what they have been doing illegally now for many years, which is wrongfully destroying the lives of struggling Californians like me and your constituents.  Why is that okay with you, Melissa?  Because it’s NOT okay with me!

        CaliforniaAB-983 is a despicable thoughtless bill that will only embolden the Sleazy Scofflaw Corporate Thieves of the storage industry, Criminal Minded Corporations like Public Storage Inc. even more then they are now, as well as do nothing but hurt the actual people of California that you should be protecting!  Not the sleazy multi-billion dollar Scofflaw Corporations like Public Storage Inc.!  Do your homework, Melissa!!  You really should be ashamed of having your name on this contemptible proposal, Assemblywoman Melendez. What you should be doing is authoring a bill that protects the victims of this industry, making it harder for them to violate and destroy the lives of their customers, not make it easier for the Corporate Criminals in the storage industry as your bill shamefully endorses!  You’re on the wrong side of this battle, Assemblywoman Melendez. Open your eyes and see the light!

        PS… I’m suing Public Storage for all they have blatantly and illegally stolen from my life.  Something I should not have had to do if politicians like you were actually doing their jobs upholding the law, rather than padding their bank accounts with corporate blood money from the criminals who are violating it!  Maybe you should come to the trial and watch me castigate the hell out of them in court for their Illegal and Predatory Contract you would now legalize.  Let me know and I’ll save you a seat… 

--David Goldner