ATT: Public Storage: Illegal Auctions Department

I am David Goldner, the sole creator, sole owner and sole copyright holder of the 40 plus years of Original Art and Photography as well as Original Written Material that Public Storage illegally stole from me and auctioned from unit B-204 on the 17th of March at Public Storage 23030, at 300 Avery St. LA CA 90013.
As the creator and copyright owner, I have exclusive rights to my own work under, the Copyright Act of 1968, the copyright act of 1976, as well as The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. These exclusive rights include the right to reproduce the Work, and to publish and communicate the Work to the public (including by way of sale, broadcast or putting the Work online). No one else has these rights. No one except me or the clients I may grant a written copyright to. 17 U.S. Code 204.
My painted art, computer art, photography including all negatives, transparencies, and prints, all digital photographic images as well as all digital art images in any format and all original written material in any format is under my sole copyright and cannot be, transferred, copied, Xeroxed, printed, broadcast, posted on line or reproduced in any way, shape or form without my exclusive written consent as the creator and copy right holder.
It is a blatant infringement of my copyright to do any of the acts comprised in the copyright in relation to the whole or a substantial part of the work, or to authorize such an act, without the exclusive permission and license from me as the copyright owner.
You have failed to seek permission or a license from me to transfer or sell any of my copyrighted material and I demand the immediate return of all material. 17 U.S. Code 204. Your illegal transfer of my original copyrighted material has also denied me any future revenue from my own work and I will be seeking full compensation for any and all lost future revenue of 40 plus years of my art and photography. Your conduct described above constitutes infringement of my personal rights as well as my inherent copyrights as the creator of all the material you have illegally stolen and transferred to any third party.
To rectify this infringement of my rights, I require that you undertake:
1.    Immediately return all stolen copyrighted material as well as all personal belongings stolen by Public Storage 23030 from unit B-204.
2.    Or…  provide me with $40,000,000.00 for the 40 plus years, a life time of my art and photography that you have blatantly stolen from me and illegally auctioned on March 17th from unit B-204 at Public Storage 23030, at 300 Avery St.  Los Angeles, CA 90013.You and any third party you may have illegally transferred my copyrighted material to, are now on notice as to my work’s inherent copyrights in respect to any reproduction violations of that material.  If I do not receive an adequate response within 21 days of this letter, I will be taking such action as I may be advised by legal counsel, in order to protect my rights and to recover damages without further notice to Public Storage.
PERSONAL NOTE:   As an artist, I do and will always reserve all my copyrights and I will always continue to defend them fully.  As your customer, I have to say you sleazy jackasses suck big time!  You treat your customers like shit and your company policies are totally predatory which just shows me that the employees of Public Storage and it’s CEO and executive branch have no integrity or ethics as individual people, or as a company what so ever.  But I’m sure you’ve heard that before. If you haven’t, just Google yourselves!  To be honest, I will enjoy suing your sleazy self serving corporate minded asses because you damn well deserve it!  Attorney Dale Washington, looked at all my paper work and is taking my case.  Wanna’ bet your 10K limit is out the window for a whole list of reasons we will easily argue in court??  What your company does to people is disgusting!  Public Storage has destroyed a life time of my copyrighted art and photography as if it was nothing.  40 plus years of my work and my life is GONE!  And for no reason except for your own corporate greed!  I guarantee you sleazy self serving corporate minded scum bags will pay for what you have done to me!
-David Goldner                               PS…  I’d rather be creating art…  But if it’s a very public fight you want, you got it!