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Letter to the Scumbags at Public Storage, Announcing

Margaret Sommers <>,
"<Public Storage" <>,
date:Thu, May 14, 2015 at 4:02 PM
subject:Just want to thank you all properly....

Just want to thank all you self serving despicable corporate scumbag scam artists properly, so I've created my own forum...

Aren't you all so proud that you disgusting corporate pigs destroy peoples lives for a living like you have destroyed mine with your illegal, self serving predatory business practices?  I thought was a bit too long.  But it is still available.... And I'm sure I will make that point many times in the editorials and links to law suits I'll be adding.

I've got a special editorial for you, Margaret. Something to be proud of the next time your kids google you. Do you teach your children how to be a conscienceless corporate whore like you?  Show them how to rape innocent people of their lives without even blinking your unethical eyes.  Aren't you proud of being a Sleazy Corporate Cunt?  Did you get a bonus for illegally destroying my life?  For wiping out 40 plus years of my life with an illegal auction as if you had the right to do so? You have no conscience, no ethics and no soul.  You are a sleazy corporate thief who illegally and maliciously destroyed my life and I will see your pathetic corporate ass in court! All you slithering corporate thieves are damn well going to pay dearly for stealing my entire life away from me as if you had the right!  You didn't you conscienceless criminal assholes!  
Are you all proud of how you illegally destroy peoples lives and convince yourself that your fuzzy math doesn't matter?  It seemed to matter to my attorney when he looked at all my paper work and our email conversations.  You remember those conversations, don't you Margaret?  Maybe you should look back at them.  But we'll get to that in my special editorial and then in court in the near future.  For now, I'm going to hold up a mirror to all of you pathetic self serving slithering little Public Storage maggots and show America who all you sleazy criminal minded corporate scumbags really are.

The only thing you thieves have left me is a burning hatred for all of you conscienceless corporate pigs.   But I'm sure I will make that point many times in my editorials as well.

Fuck you all very very much!!
-David G.