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Margaret Sommers

Margaret Sommers
“Public Storage’s Corporate Cunt of the Year”
818-244-8080 ext-1560

Cell #  818-917-8597

Raping their customers on a daily basis has become a tradition for Public Storage who seems to be very proud of their sleazy reputation since they refuse to stop their disgustingly immoral and in most cases totally illegal business practices.  And District Manager, Margaret Sommers is a fine example of the kind of criminal minded corporate whore it takes for this shameful position in Ronald L. Havner Jr.’s thieving immoral empire of sleazy self serving corporate scumbags.

“Cunt” isn’t a word I use very often, if at all, but in this case, I make an exception because Margaret Sommers is the epitome of what I think a cunt really is.  Margaret Sommers is a plastic, self serving, uncaring, unethical, malicious, conscienceless thief, who has devastated my life without thinking twice.  Public Storage’s sleazy district minion, Margaret Sommers, is a calculating corporate scumbag who works for a company of calculating corporate scumbags who rape their clients of everything they cherish and just don’t give a damn about anything but their own bottom line.  40 years of my life is gone for absolutely no reason accept for Public Storages policies of pure corporate greed and their malicious contempt for their own customers.

Margaret Sommers and Public Storage have illegally destroyed my business and my life and I have promised them they are going to pay dearly for what they have done to me!  They have wiped out my entire career as an artist!  40 plus years of my life is just gone!  Illegally stolen by the disgusting corporate maggots like District Manager Margaret Sommers, who rapes her customers in the name of Public Storage, like she and Ronald L. Havner Jr. have raped me. 

Two Days notice...  That’s what Margaret gave me in an email that Public Storage was auctioning off everything I owned in my life because I was a month and a half late!  Two days notice!  My last payment was just 35 days before that auction.  Margaret also knows that she was mailing notices to the old address I had moved out of before storing my belongings at Public Storage.  She knows this because several months before that, they “mock auctioned” my unit when I was literally only 18 days late on the rent!  18 days, I kid you not!!  She told me then, they were mailing notices to that old address and I informed her right then in an email my attorney now has a copy of, that she was sending notice to the old address I moved out of.  Something I also informed them when I first moved in Public Storage!!!  Margaret knew I had no current address and she didn’t care.  In fact, she took advantage of that fact and that’s pretty disgusting! One more reason she’s the cunt of the year.

Margaret Sommers is a criminal minded corporate thief!  She very well knew she was mailing auction notices to my old address and she didn’t care.  Do you think a jury will care, Margaret?  Because I do have the emails to prove that you knew exactly what you were doing!  You waited until the last minute to inform me by email that they were auctioning my life away in two days!  You knew the notices you were sending were going nowhere. That’s why you never even mentioned them when I was angry about the two days notice.  You were very calculating.  But I notice things like that. This was a malicious and premeditated robbery of everything I own, you slithering pile of shit!  Nothing less!  You are a fucking sleazy self serving corporate thief, Margaret!  A calculating thieving corporate whore and I will prove that in court!  That was an illegal auction and it ruined my life!  You had no right, you sleazy self important bitch!  You had no right! 

Public Storage and the “Corporate Cunt of the Year”, Margaret Sommers have destroyed my life and she and Public Storage “consider the matter closed.”  That’s why she’s a Corporate Cunt!  Someone who likes the power of being able to destroy someone else’s life, and then tell them: “the matter is closed”.  I got news for you, you scum of the earth corporate maggot … It’s just getting started because you’ve left me with nothing else!  And after all, you are “The Cunt of the Year”!  So I’m celebrating that fact and going to share it with the world.  Aren’t you proud, you sleazy pathetic self serving corporate whore?  Did you get a bonus to ruin my life?  Or does doing this kind of thing to your customers just get you off?  Because you did it to me twice!  Well, at least you can look forward to being Public Storage’s “Cunt of the Year”!

 Goldner Promo

You see all these images above?  Everything you see there and this is just a fraction of the work you stole from me, is now just GONE because of you, you sleazy pile of shit!  You self serving corporate scumbags have wiped out my life as an artist!!  All my portfolios, GONE!!  All my tear sheets; 40 years of my published work, GONE!  All my negative and transparencies, 10's of thousands, GONE!  I have no record of the last 40 years of my life as an artist anymore!  All my original paintings, GONE!  And all of it copyrighted so no one else can publish any of it.  So why the fuck haven’t they given it back?  All the equipment it took me a life time to accumulate in order to run a studio, GONE!  Do you understand what you have done to my life you fucking slithering faceless assholes!? How dare you rip my life apart like this!  Who the fuck do you think you are!?  Do you even care what you have done to my life??  You have destroyed my business and everything I have done in my entire lifetime as an artist!  It’s all just GONE because of your pathetic corporate greed!  You sleazy mother fuckers!  You have wiped out everything I accomplished in my life as if you had the right!  YOU DIDN”T, YOU SLITHERING MAGGOTS!  Everything I had left from my family that I cherished is gone because of you assholes!  Stolen by a sleazy self serving criminal minded pile of shit named Margaret Sommers in the name of Public Storage, the corporate whores she steals for!  How the fuck do you assholes live with yourselves, you self serving corporate douche bags!

Who the fuck do you think you are ruining people’s lives like this, Margaret??  IT WAS AN ILLEGAL AUCTION AND YOU HAD NO RIGHT!!!  And you think this matter is closed, you sleazy fucking pile of corporate shit!?  NOT A FUCKING CHANCE IN HELL!  NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE!  This matter will never be closed until justice is done and maggots like you and the corporate whores like Ronald L. Havner Jr. who you steal for are exposed and you all pay for what you have done to me!  For destroying my life as if you thieving slithering larva had the right to!   You stole everything!  My entire life is GONE because of you dripping assholes!

YOU WILL ALL PAY AND BE EXPOSED FOR THE SLITHERING CORPORATE SCUMBAGS YOU ALL ARE!  That is a promise to all you sleazy corporate maggots who call Public Storage, home.  You’re a syndicate of criminals! Bait and Switch; Fraudulent Advertising; Fraudulent Conversion; Unlawful Auctions…  You’re a company of scam artists that are being sued all over the country!  And I hold Ronald L. Havner Jr., Margaret Sommers and your entire sleazy company of corporate thieves responsible for what you've illegally done to my life!  And you will all pay for it!  And your pathetic 10K ceiling will be shattered before I even get you into court.  Mark my words.  THE WAVE IS COMING AND YOU’VE DONE THAT TO YOURSELVES!!  YOU WILL PAY FOR THOSE 40 PLUS YEARS YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM ME!  Again, that’s a promise from me to you!  And I always keep a promise. 

And if I sound like I’m full of hate, it’s because you’ve taken all that was good in my life and my contempt for you self centered predatory scumbags is all that you’ve left me with.  But that seems to be what you guys do best!