PS sucks
"Email you complaints to be posted"


Your Complaints To Public Storage:

On October 19, 2015 at 2:41 PM Rich Ferguson <> wrote:

Dear Sir,
ATTACHED HEREWITH is a copy of the original reservation which was not honored at the location.
I am confident that swift resolution of this matter will be mutually beneficial to all parties.

I have emailed you in an attempt to resolve this matter several times.
I received a confirmation via PUBLIC STORAGE.COM for this rental at the rate of 93.00 monthly.
I made several attempts to contact the local site manager on the date of the appointment including waiting at the site for an hour.
Finally, in an act of desperation, I contacted your toll-free customer service and the agent resceduled the appointment, assuring me that the rate was confirmed.

Upon arriving again at the property, the employee was rude and discourteous, refused to honor the confirmed reservation rate stating; "I don't know how you got that low of a rate but it isn't available.".
I have not heard back from you by way of reply nor mail and have now sought other means for resolving this issue including:
1) I have contacted Gephart at the local Channel 2 news who's staff has informed me that there are multiple complaints against this business and the news is interested in interviewing me.
2) I am filing a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau
3) I am contacting the District Attorney, Sim Gil, to inform them of FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES regarding Public Storage in Utah.
4) I am contacting the FTC with a similar complaint because the entity is not based in Utah.
5) I am dedicating a considerable amount of my spare time to a Social Media Awareness campaign regarding  the FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES of Public Storage in Utah.
6) I will contact your competitors in Salt Lake and surrounding county and provide certified documentation of this complete lack of customer service and apparent Bait and Switch policy.
All I want is for Public Storage to honor the reservation I received at the confirmed rate of $93.00 per month.
I will give you 72 hours to reply before escalating this matter to the next level.
Govern yourself accordingly,
Will Ferguson