PS sucks

from:David Goldner
to:"" <>,
Margaret Sommers <>
date:Thu, May 28, 2015 at 4:36 PM
subject:Re: Public Storage Items and Check

I was just thinking about all the books I read as a kid.  All my high school and college books.  All the reference books I collected.  All the signed books I had from Photographers I admired.  Now all gone because of you greedy self serving sleazy mother fuckers. All my books along with the rest of my life were all in that storage unit, you self centered corporate whores!  Everyday I think of something else you well practiced criminal rapist's have torn from my life!!  You're an organization of slithering corporate thieves that should all be in jail!! You assholes have devastated every part of my life! Who the fuck do you slimy putrid scumbags think you are?  You are all fucking corporate thieves and you are all going to pay for every fucking thing you have illegally stolen from my life! 

Until then, I can't even begin to convey the contempt I have for you conscienceless corporate cockroaches! There aren't enough words to describe how contemptible you faceless criminal minded maggots really are! 

But I promise I will keep trying every chance I get, because my contempt for you PublicStorageScumbags is all you have left me!!!!!

Fuck you all very much!
-David G.