PS sucks

I left 40 years of my art and photography with Public Storage along with everything else I ever owned ...
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This is all I got back!

from:David Goldner
to:"" <>,
Margaret Sommers <>
date:Sat, May 9, 2015 at 1:24 PM
subject:Re: Public Storage Items and Check

To the Sleazy Corporate Whores at Public Storage:

"Paper work?  That's what you putrid little maggots left me?  Paper work is what you corporate whores consider personal?  What a pack of sick twisted self serving fucks you all are!

My father's Violin was personal!  My family and childhood pictures were personal!!  40 years of my copyrighted photography and art is personal!!!  Where is all that you sleazy mother fuckers?  Where is my copyrighted art work!  OLD PAPER WORK IS NOT PERSONAL YOU FUCKING SLEAZY BRAIN DEAD ASSHOLES!

You've flushed 40 years of my life down the toilet as if it was nothing, as if you had the right!  YOU DIDN'T YOU SLEAZY FUCKS!  And I'm going to prove that to you slithering corporate maggots in court!  You are all scum of the earth!  Conscienceless pigs who are going pay dearly for what you've done to me and others. That's a promise to all of you gutless crawling corporate larva!  And I will do my best to make sure the world knows who and what you scumbags really are!  You're all sleazy corporate whores that fuck people for money!  No. I take that back.... You rape people for their money like you raped me!  You will pay for that! And again, that's a promise!"  
-David Goldner