PS sucks

from:David Goldner
to:"" <>,
Margaret Sommers <>
date:Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 12:53 PM
subject:Re: Public Storage Items and Check

To: Margaret Sommers,  Public Storage's "THIEVING CORPORATE CUNT OF THE YEAR",  and the legal brains trying to defend the indefensible, and easily provable actions of your criminal minded district manager....
Tell me, Margaret, you sleazy self serving conscienceless corporate thief... How are you going to explain to a jury, why you were sending auction notices to an address that I personally notified you in an email was an old and invalid address months earlier?  Why don't you try to explain it to me first, you fucking cunt!!??  Are you going to claim blatant stupidity?  Self imposed Ignorance? Or just pure sleazy self serving corporate greed!?  (The ladder being my first choice.)  Either way, I have all the emails to prove you damn well knew that fact months before.  Do you think the fact that you very well knew you were sending notices to an invalid address is going to be irrelevant to the judge or the jury?  I don't, and neither does my attorney!  Because as far as I'm concerned, that fact makes you a solid partner in Ronald L. Havner's criminal organization of thieving skanks and whores!  That auction was blatantly illegal you sleazy bitch!  You raped my life away illegally you slithering corporate cunt!  And I guarantee you won't be able to hide behind your 10K ceiling which your own illegal actions have made irrelevant! You will pay for everything you have stolen from my life you blood sucking leeches!
I wish I could get you pathetic maggots in court immediately, but my attorney is a bit busy at the moment with the class action suit against you scumbags and I'm going to have to wait for him to kick your sleazy asses on that one first. ... But in the mean time.... I was going to challenge myself and see how many anti-Public Storage graphics, logos and billboards I can create for you maggots over the next several months.  I'm betting I can create so many graphics and anti-Public Storage logos, you will never get them off the internet and they will ultimately define you sleazy corporate whores forever more.  That's my goal because the public needs to be warned!  And because you have left me with nothing else but pure disdain for you.  You have raped me of everything else in my life and left me with a raw contempt for all of you swamp dwelling corporate whores!  I despise all you steaming piles of corporate shit to my very core and you all deserve to be castigated daily for being the slithering criminal larva that you all seem to strive to be. 

If you think I'm a monster, just consider yourselves Dr. Frankenstein, because you created me and now the monster is determined to destroy it's evil creator!  And I'll be damned if I don't try my best to do that everyday until I can look you maggots in the eye and castigate you pathetic excuses for humans in person!  And believe me.  I'm not shy!  I will happily repeat everything I've said about you maggots in court.  You deserve every single word of it!!

Fuck all you thieving criminal scumbags very much!

-David G.