PS sucks

Margaret Sommers, Thieving Corporate Cunt @PublicStorage, Home of the Corporate Whores
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06-09-2015 07:26 PM

Does the email below look familiar you sleazy thieving unethical pile of shit!???  Unless you have Alzheimers, you pathetic excuse for a human, you damn well knew I was not at that address and you didn't fucking care!  You damn well knew what you were doing was wrong and unethical and you did it any way you sleazy corporate whore!  You're a fucking self serving thief that should be in jail with the rest of the maggots you work with! You did this to me purposely and maliciously you fucking corporate cunt!  You've lucky I'm not going to be the one questioning you sleazy ass in court, because I'd castigate you! How do you sleep at night you slithering little bitch!? I hope one day someone takes everything you cherish away from you and you rot in a jail cell where you fucking faceless thieves belong!

 ---Email conversation with Margaret Sommerth PS district manager - Dec. 15, 2014---

from:Margaret Sommers
to:David Goldner <>
date:Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 6:51 PM
subject:RE: account at our public storage located on Avery St.
:Important because you marked it as important.

"...A couple of items, we do not have a good phone # to call you. Is your address still: 1015 E 8th St, #A, Los Angeles, Ca 90021? The reason I ask, is because this is the address that all notifications, lien letters have been going to.   Please, feel free to call me so we can resolve this matter.

 I appreciate your reply.

 Best Regards, Margaret
 From: David Goldner []
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2014 5:30 PM
To: Margaret Sommers
Subject: Re: account at our public storage located on Avery St.

to: Margaret
That address is the address I moved OUT of months ago. I requested everything be sent to me via email.  And I have never received any notification other then emails which never mentioned this until you did today! That is just fundamentally unfair!