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ATT: Public Storage Legal Dept.: Second Demand to Return All My Stolen Property
    I am David Goldner, the sole creator, sole owner and sole copyright holder of the 40 plus years of Original Art and Photography, Original Written Material, and Personal Identity Information* that Public Storage has illegally stolen from me, fraudulently converted and illegally auctioned from unit B-204 on the 17th of March, 2015, at Public Storage 23030 located in the Los Angeles Arts District at 300 Avery St., LA CA 90013.
    This is a second letter to demand that Public Storage Inc. make an exerted effort to retrieve and return all of my illegally stolen, fraudulently converted and illegally auctioned property, including all Personal Identification* and associated business, banking and medical records as well as all Intellectual Copyrighted Property, including any and all copyrighted art and photography illegally stolen, fraudulently converted, illegally auctioned and subsequently illegally sold and or transferred to any third party by Public Storage on 3-17-2015.  I also demand a copy of any auction notices and all receipts and transfer paperwork or information associated with the illegal auctioning of all my Personal Belongings, Personal Identification Documents as well as all my copyrighted intellectual property that Public Storage has so recklessly and illegally plundered away for their personal profit.
    With regards to all my personal, legal and medical documents and any and all personal identity information that has also been stolen and illegally distributed by Public Storage; and for purposes of definition: "Personal Identification or Personal Identifying Information or Personal Identity Information" means any name, address, telephone number, health insurance number, taxpayer identification number, school identification number, state or federal driver's license, or identification number, social security number, place of employment, employee identification number, professional or occupational number, mother's maiden name, demand deposit account number, savings account number, checking account number, PIN (personal identification number) or password, alien registration number, government passport number, date of birth, unique biometric data including fingerprint, facial scan identifiers, voiceprint, retina or iris image, x-ray images or other unique physical representation, unique electronic data including information identification number assigned to the person, address or routing code, telecommunication identifying information or access device, information contained in a birth or death certificate, or credit card number of an individual person, or any issued physical card or equivalent paperwork with personal identification information.
    I also demand the identification and contact information of any third party you have illegally sold, fraudulently converted, illegally auctioned or illegally transferred my personal legal property to, in order to try to retrieve the life time of my copyrighted work you have so maliciously, recklessly and illegally plundered away for your personal profit.
    With concern to the theft and conversion of my intellectual copyrighted property:  The U.S. Constitution authorizes the federal government to grant copyright protection to original works of authorship. (17 U.S. Code 204) Copyright protection grants me a legal monopoly over certain uses of my work for the duration of the copyright.  As the creator and copyright owner, I have exclusive rights to my own work under, the Copyright Act of 1968, the copyright act of 1976, as well as The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. These exclusive rights include the right to reproduce the work, and to publish and communicate the Work to the public (including by way of sale, broadcast or putting the Work online). No one else has these rights.  No one except me or the clients I may grant or license a written limited copyright to can sell or transfer my original work.
    My painted art, computer art, photography including all film as negatives or transparencies, and prints of any size or printed on any material; all digital photographic images on computer hard drives or data storage disks, as well as all digital art images in any format, digital or physical; all original written material in any format is under my sole copyright and cannot be, sold, transferred, copied, Xeroxed, printed, broadcast, posted on line or reproduced in any way, shape or form without my exclusive written consent as the creator and sole copyright holder.
    It is a blatant infringement of my copyright to do any of the acts comprised in the copyright in relation to the whole or a substantial part of the work, or to authorize such an act, without the exclusive permission and license from me as the copyright owner and sole creator of the work.  Unlike patents, which protect ideas themselves, copyrights protect expressions of ideas.  All you need for copyright protection is to create an original work of authorship in a tangible form, such as a recording, a manuscript or original artwork.  You don't need to place a copyright symbol on the work.  Copyright law prevents anyone but me (the creator) and those I legally authorize from publicly performing, displaying, reproducing, distributing, or selling my work.  And that is exactly what you have illegally done! (17 U.S. Code 204)
    You have failed to seek permission or a license from me to transfer, distribute, sell or auction any of my copyrighted material and I again demand the immediate return of all material you have blatantly stolen and illegally auctioned.  Your illegal transfer of my original copyrighted material is a blatant violation of my copyrights and has also denied me any future access, revenue or reproduction from 40 plus years of my own work, and if that work is not returned immediately, I will be seeking full compensation for any and all lost future revenue as well as compensation for each and every image created in the 40 plus years of art and photography Public Storage has illegally plundered for personal profit.
    Your conduct described above constitutes a blatant infringement of my personal rights as well as my inherent copyrights to all my intellectual property as the original creator of all the material you have illegally stolen, fraudulently converted, illegally auctioned and subsequently transferred to any third party.
To rectify this blatantly egregious and illegal infringement of my personal as well as intellectual property rights, I require that you undertake the following:

1.    Immediately return all stolen material from Public Storage 23030, unit B-204 at 300 Avery St. LA CA 90013, that was illegally obtained and absconded by Public Storage, and subsequently illegally auctioned by Public Storage on 3-17-2015.  Including but not limited to, all Personal and Business Property and equipment, all Personal Identification Documents, and all stolen Intellectual Copyrighted Property that includes but is not limited to, all the art and photography in any format that was stolen by Public Storage from unit B-204.
2.    Public Storage needs to immediately provide me with the identity of any third party they have illegally transferred my Personal Identification Documents and All Intellectual Copyrighted Property to, in order to facilitate the immediate return of that property.
3.    Or… provide me with $40,000,000.00 in compensation for the 40 plus years, a life time of my intellectual property, all original one of a kind copyrighted art and photography that you have blatantly stolen and plundered with your blatantly illegal auction on March 17th 2015 from unit B-204 at Public Storage 23030, at 300 Avery St. Los Angeles, CA 90013.

    You and any third party you may have illegally transferred my personal identity documents as well as all my copyrighted material to, are now on notice for the second time as to my work’s inherent copyrights in respect to any reproduction, transfer or sale violations of that material.  As well, you are now on notice for the Identity Theft of all my Personal Identifying Information and all pertaining identity documents that to date have not been returned to me.
    If I do not receive an adequate response within 21 days of this letter, I will be moving forward with the law suit I have promised you, and that is already in the works.  I will be taking any and all action I need to see that justice is served and to protect my personal rights that you have so blatantly and consciously violated. I will not stop pursuing Public Storage until I have recovered all my illegally plundered belongings, or until all damages I have suffered have been fully compensated by Public Storage Inc.
    The recklessly malicious and illegal policies of Public Storage INC. and its well trained crew of ethicless, egregious employees like Margaret Sommers, will be on a very public trial.  I plan to make sure this Public Storage law suit and what Public Storage has done to me, will be and will remain as public as possible, so potential future victims are aware of who and what Public Storage really is, and how you illegally operate.
-David Goldner


   As I stated in my first letter on 4/20/2015, as an artist, I do and will always reserve all my copyrights and I will always continue to defend them fully anyway I can.  As your customer, I have to say you sleazy jackasses really do suck big time! You treat your customers like shit on your shoes!  Your company policies reflect your  totally predatory and malicious approach to doing business, which just shows me that the employees of Public Storage and it’s CEO and executive branch have no integrity, morals or ethics as individual people, or as a company what so ever.  You plundered my art work and personal belongings like the Nazis plundered Europe!  But I’m sure you’ve heard that before. If you haven’t, just Google yourselves!  Your reputation precedes you and defines you since I am far from the first person you have done this to!  And if you like to know how I really feel about you, you can also go to “”, my new perfectly named web site that you have inspired with your reckless, intentionally malicious, blatantly illegal and self serving actions…   Please…  feel free to leave a comment!
   To be honest and as I said before, I would much rather be creating erotic art...  But I will enjoy suing your sleazy, smug corporate minded asses, because you all damn well deserve it for what you have done to me and have put me and many others through!  Who the fuck do you think you are destroying 40 years of my life and my business!?  You have blatantly and maliciously violated me and my personal rights, not to mention the laws governing your own storage industry, including from ground zero the fact that your own form rental agreement blatantly violates an express condition of B&P 21713.5 and therefore is in direct conflict with the SSSFA and is void. The B&P 21702 Preliminary Lien Notice was defective; The amounts demanded were materially overstated due to illegal fees; The process was tainted by an access denial implementation of self-help collection; Public Storage precluded my attendance at both the purported lien sales; As well as multiple other irregularities and blatant illegal violations including all personal and intellectual violations that we will be presenting in the actual law suit and during discovery.
    I would have started this law suit much sooner, but it seemed Dale Washington has been very busy with several current class action law suits against Public Storage.  But he looked at all my paper work and at your self serving as well as self annihilating contract, all the dates of your fee assessments and all the other blatantly predatory business practices and the fuzzy math Public Storage subjects its customers to, and he agreed to take my case after concluding your auction was totally illegal.  Your illegal contract’s compensation limitations are null and void and out the window for a whole list of reasons we will easily prove in court.  Then personally, I want to help Dale set a new precedence for how much your victims can sue your sorry asses for, to reflect the real damage Public Storage actually does to the innocent people they rape with their malicious policies.  As you have blatantly done to me!
    How Public Storage operates and what your company does to the lives of people is disgusting, despicable and illegal and I personally won’t let Public Storage hide from it any longer or get away with it!  You get away with your illegal activities because most of the people you screw are letting you.  Well I’m not going to let you get away with one damn thing you have done to me and this suit will reflect it all and be posted on line everywhere I can put it.  That’s another promise because people need to know Public Storage has maliciously and wrongfully destroyed a life time of my work, my business and my career, and hasn’t lifted a finger to do anything to rectify the situation after getting my first letter sent on 4/20/15!  You are all despicable self serving corporate thieves and I promise Public Storage is going to pay for everything it has stolen from my life.  40 plus years of copyrighted art and photography as if it was nothing. 40 plus years of my work, my business and my life is GONE because of you sleazy corporate thieves and your predatory business practices!  And for no damn reason except for that blatant corporate greed!  I guarantee you corporate minded scumbags will pay big time for what you have done to me!  I am personally involved in drafting this lawsuit to make sure the court knows exactly what you did to me and how you treat your customers, so we can expose you all for the sleazy corporate thieves you have shown yourselves to be. And that’s something I’m going to make sure this lawsuit won’t let you run from. 
   You are all spineless corporate cowards, parasitic scumbags that rape your customers of all they cherish and then hide under your desks from those same people you have so maliciously plundered into heartache and despair.  To me, that defines who you Public Storage Nazis are on a daily basis.  And that’s who you’ve proved to be.  Sleazy, self serving, malicious, conscienceless corporate whores that have raped and plundered my entire life away for a months rent.  And that’s something I look forward to repeating on the record in court!  I promise you will pay for and be known for what you do to people, and for what you have done to me… and for a long time to come if I can help it.
Fuck you all very much for putting me or anyone through this kind of malicious bullshit!  Return my belongings immediately or you will pay dearly for what you have done to me!